Better text styling needed

Loving what I’m seeing on Penpot so far, but inline text editing is a bit odd here are 3 things I’d change.

  1. Inline text selection highlighting disappears when you click the design panel. Selection is lost when you click back into the artboard unless you remember where you where
  2. Too easy to accidentally wipe out all inline text styling by applying a typography preset with the layer selected
  3. Add paragraph spacing as a typography option

I created an issues on github:

For your point 2: Do you have examples for better behavior in other products regarding application of style presets?

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On #2. Create a new “Typography Preset” as normal. Then try adding a text element, make an internal selection and adjust the size, font weight, etc. Click away from that text element, and then select it again. Choose a typography preset, and all internal styling is lost.