Feature Request: Split text object by lines

A lot of design involves making many many text objects. This can be a pain to do, as you have to enter the text into each little object one by one.

My idea is a right click ‘split by line breaks’ — making one text object into many. Then you can OCR or paste in a paragraph with line breaks, and Penpot breaks this apart into many little pieces.

Paste in a block of text, right click and ‘split by line breaks’. Boom!

This lets you paste in a paragraph of text, break it apart, and have control over each text element :slight_smile:

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and vice versa would be nice - merge text objects into one textbox

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That sounds like a good function for a future plugin, given that it can be both very useful for some worksflows but nor a core functionality for many others.
Breaking apart the text should be doable by reading the text, splitting at line breaks and positioning the new text elements based on the line height.
The inverse operation is harder as it is loseless only if the text is perfectly regularly positioned and aligned.

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I feel like this would be a really good core functionality though. There is no way to quickly get many text items into Penpot, every workflow involves manually, one-by-one, typing or pasting into text boxes.

For images, I can drag 100 icons into penpot and have them in a grid in seconds. Its amazing.

For example, how would you build a UI like this, icons with labels below each?

  1. Add all the icons
  2. Create a flex layout for each
  3. Add text objects below each icon
  4. Spend a long time manually, one-by-one, editing each text item :nauseated_face:

With ‘split text object’ I could:

  1. OCR my list of text objects
  2. Paste into penpot
  3. Split by lines
  4. Ready for Flex Layout, etc!