How can I do a fixed position aside menu?

I didn’t find a way to create a fixed position aside menu. The problem is that I can not set the height of the View mode or automatically adjust the aside component to the view height in the view mode.

It is not possible to do that yet or I’m just missing something?

Good question; I was unable to figure this out myself. You can make a frame larger than the size of your browser window (triggers scrolling in prototype mode) and then pin elements to stick (lets them not scroll with the rest) but it is tedious to use imho (see also the prototyping documentation, note at the bottom)

Thank you for your answer.
I can create a fixed aside menu until I need any element to be center or bottom aligned. Probably a bigger issue is a fixed footer or floating buttons at the bottom of the page. But the note in the link you sent points out that it is probably not possible yet.

“We are aware that this capability is still difficult to use whithout being able to restrict the screen size at the View Mode, something that we are already working on.”

Hopefully, they will add it soon.

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