Fixed element disappears in preview

When I try to fix an element to the bottom of a board that’s bigger than the height of the screen, it doesn’t appear in view mode. I’ve googled about it, and it seems like Figma has a similar issue, but the solutions that people gave on the Figma forums seemed unclear to me.
I would attach a file demonstrating this issue if I could but I can’t, so here’s a screenshot:

I had the same problem once but with an element fixed to the top (instead of the bottom) but it somehow just got solved by itself and I wasn’t able to recreate it.

I would be happy if someone could help me solve this issue, thanks :slight_smile:

Update: I fixed the element to the top instead of the bottom and moved it higher on the board and now it’s visible, but I feel like this is a very suboptimal solution because when I resize the view mode window (ctrl+scrollwheel) the element moves relative to the top, and not the bottom of the (visible) board, which is how it’s supposed to be (I hope that I explained it clearly). Also, it’s not very comfortable to edit the contents of the board when the element is in the middle like this.
I’d still be happy to get assistance on this if there are better ways to solve it, but if there aren’t then I think the Penpot team should consider making this more optimal in the future.

Update 2: I just discovered that in Figma, if you select the element’s constraint to “bottom”, then it will stay fixed on the bottom and will still show up in the prototype without needing to move it to the middle of the board. However, in Penpot it still won’t show up when you do that… It would be great to see this implemented in Penpot.