Overlay won't be placed in the right place when calee is fixed when scrolling


I’m actually following the #4223 issue about scrolling and I don’t know if that could be related to the same issue.

An overlay that’s called from an element inside of a parent with fixed position when scrolling property, will prevent an overlay to be misplaced. Sometimes will not execute desired animation too.

I can’t post my example because being a new user won’t let me share multiple images. Although, I’m sharing a wetransfer for you to download.

Here’s my example media reference:
1- The parent element has the property Fix when scrolling
2- This element has a Click interaction set to open an overlay
3- Overlay should be placed here
4- Result without disabling Fix when scrolling property
5- Expected result

Thanks for your support, this product is amazing!

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Hi @rp_ennogtal first of all, thank you so much for your words and feedback.

We are been doing a lot of testing on this and verified that it is a new bug.

So, we just created this issue in Taiga to manage it.

Thanks again!

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