Help us with some translations

Hello dear friend!

Do you want to help with this project but you are a novice designer and don’t feel like sharing a template? Or are you a developer and Clojure sounds like a magic spell to you?
You can always lend us a hand with the translations.

Forza amici Italiani! Your language is still at 0%, with your help we can achieve it.

Lietuvis, mano brolis¡¡ A little push and we can overcome that 8% completion rate.

Vamos Brasileiros, your language’s at 50% a little more effort to complete it.

¡Gallegos, catalanes, vascos! There is room for you too, don’t be shy.

Helping with translations is very easy, just leave a comment here with your Weblate user and we will grant you the access.


I’m willing to lend a help to translate Penpot User Guide in French (or anything to French).
Is help needed?

I’ve just created a weblate account : lixeix (same as here :wink:)


Bonsoir @lixeix !! French is enjoying quite some support already from the francophone community as you can see here Penpot/frontend — French @ Hosted Weblate but it would benefit from some extra help, for sure!
If you would like to contribute, you can find easy instructions here 02· Translations under the Add a new translation section. You might need to get some approval by an admin but that shouldn’t take long, we’ll be waiting for that so we approve it right away.

Merci beacoup! La communauté francophone est très importante pour penpot et a été l’une des premières à se développer lorsque nous étions encore un produit “alpha” :star_struck:


@lixeix you’ve already been added to the weblate project :wink:

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Thanks for your help, I can now help out!


I’ll be pleased to help with the Catalan translation :blush:


Ohh¡¡¡ Great¡
Thanks, @Josep.
Like @diacritica just said, here 2. Translation is a guide with some instructions.
Let us know your user in Weblate when you are ready.

Sure Eva, it’s @jponsa . I’ll take a look at the guide

Hello again @Josep
You have been added to Penpot’s project in Weblate. Now you can start translating¡

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Can you grant me permission on the Basque translation? Thanks!


Hi @erral , we need your Weblate username :slight_smile:

My username there is erral

@Eva_Marco I am happy to help with both Italian and French :slight_smile:

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@erral I’ve already added you and the Basque languange to the Weblate project so you’re ready to go Penpot/frontend — Basque @ Hosted Weblate


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just tell us your Weblate username and we will grant you permissions :slight_smile:

Basque translation completed!


Awesome! Thank you very much!

Here is my username: val

I could try to help with that, I just need to find the time :upside_down_face:
My Weblate username is fortx, same as here.


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You are now a Penpot translator in Weblate. Thank you! :slight_smile: