Translation for Dutch (Netherlands)

Hey guys,

Just found out about Penpot a few weeks ago. I would like to help to translate the app to Dutch.
It’s a new translation. My username of Weblate is the same as here.


Hi @spasma,

You’ve already been added to the project and the Dutch translation too, so you should be able to start at any time. It always makes us happy to add new languages :smiley:


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@myfunnyandy It took me some time (I try to contribute to OS-projects every Friday morning), but the Dutch language is now complete and can be integrated into Penpot. :tada:

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Awesome!!! Thank you so much!

We’ve already published those changes (among other translation updates), thanks a lot!

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@spasma I’ve added a couple of missing translations, made a few corrections (e.g. kopieëren) as well as suggestions for improvement and consistency. All have been automatically saved in Weblate as “Suggestions”.
Could you go through the “Suggestions” in Weblate and see if you can approve?

In general I try to avoid imperitive phrasing in favour of the full verb.
Not the “command” or “order” or “demand” (towards the computer),
but rather a full verb “we are going to do this”
I believe this is also generally implemented in Windows and Linux OS translations.