PT-BR Translation - Changes needed

Hey there guys, I’d like to help with the translation of Penpot to PT-BR. There are things there that either don’t make sense in PT-BR (only in PT-pt) or are wrong. I can help fix that. I’ve already tried through Github but I’ve noticed there’s a weblate, it make things a lot easier.

My weblate user is: Mayrinck
Language to Translate: Brazilian Portuguese (changes)

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Hey @RenanMayrinckDesign (xará :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )!

To help with translations, post your Weblate name in this topic for the Penpot team to add you there so you can help.

Thanks both Renan¡¡
@RenanMayrinckDesign you have been added to weblate, you can start with translations when you want.

Thanks @Renan & @Eva_Marco! I’ve finished all the revision for this translation, I think it’s 100% more accurate to Brazilian Portuguese than before. Hope it get’s approved to use soon.

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