How to become a Penpot translator?

We’re super happy you are interested in contributing to translating Penpot.

How to become a Penpot translator?

We are using Weblate as a translation platform. The first thing you need to be a Penpot translator is to have a Weblate account (you can register here).

To start translating at Penpot:

  1. Create a post in translations subcategory, giving details about the language you want to translate (language), the type of translation (new language, new translation or change an existing translation), and your Weblate user.
  2. If everything is correct we will get back to you providing your permission for the actions needed.
  3. You also might want to take a look at the guide for Translating using Weblate.

For more information on how to translate you can find it here.

Can i give a suggestion? Put the link of the translation subcategory on this post text.