Layers change order in View mode


I’m having a issue in View mode. Layers change order, they are not in the same order as in Design mode, so background layers occlude content, buttons etc.
When I start “Inspect” in View mode, everything shifts and look the same as in Design mode.
Also, boards look okay in thumbnail preview of the board list.
This does not happen on all boards in the project., well on all except on the first one.
I’ve made boards by copying them, all except the first one which I made from scratch.
I’m using Firefox 120.0.1.
I do not know why is this happening, but it is a fundamental flaw which renders prototype unusable. This is the first prototype I’m trying to make with Penpot.

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I’ve solve the problem by deleting and recreating problematic layers.
Which means that, one should always check how design looks in view mode after finishing the creation of the board.

Hello and Welcome @promis!

Hi there, I believe this might be a Firefox-related issue rather than something specific to Penpot. If you encounter this again, consider testing it on Chrome or another browser to check if the problem persists. If it does, please submit a detailed bug report through the form in the settings section. Personally, I haven’t experienced this issue—I use Edge and Firefox as my browsers.

Thanks, for answer.

I find out—it is because of “Fix layer when scrolling”” option. When this option is enabled it raises the layer to top. Which basicly limits it’s use just for stick heders etc. It can not be used for static backgrounds effects.

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