Please fix MASKING

Hi there, yeah Masking in Figma is a pain to this day and I do not know why the same logic was copied to PenPot?

Can we request to make that vector layer, which is placed on TOP of the image to mask the image which is under?

In most apps you just copy-paste screenshot or image, and only then place or draw vector a top, select both hit mask and you get what you want. Plus another benefit you can resize mask anytime you want, without effecting image beneath.

But in PenPot. If you do this way you get empty screen. After hitting Mask everything is gone. You need to go back to Mask Layer Group, find out what happened, find missed layer and move vector mask under the image. Can it be similar to Photoshop or XD? It`s way better than in Figma.


Hi there dude! Maybe here’s some information to help you with your issues:

1- About the masks, yeah, I totally agree with you, maybe Penpot could add this as a config, where the user decide which mask method is the one used on their projects. Would be much better than just doing it like Figma and no control over that.

2- About boards that show up on prototypes even when they are nested, in each board there’s a checkbox with a label “show in view mode” on it, if you uncheck that, they will not show up in prototypes ever again. Try this one and see if it works for you.

(and remember, even nested boards can be part of the view mode if this option is set on)

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