Feature Request: Video/Audio Call Integration

Hi Penpot team!

I had a feature suggestion for team collaboration: audio and/or video chat integrations.

Some possible (open source) software to consider for this:

Here’s how other similar(ish) platforms implement this:

FigJam Implementation (Audio)

Miro Implementation (Video)


This would be a whole process to do, but is a fantastic feature to implement for creators who want to collaborate. Would be interesting to see something like this in Penpot.

If it doesn’t happen, I will look forward to adding it to Penpot Desktop. In the meantime, I’ll wait and see what happens.

I love the examples!

Maybe I have not used such features very well so far – is there an advantage of the integration (beyond fewer clicks) compared to just running your favorite application for such calls?

@jdittrich The biggest advantage, in my opinion, is having everyone on the same app at the same time while conversing, as opposed to going back and forth between the videoconferencing software’s shared screen and design app, especially when certain videoconferencing apps slow down your computer immensely. I like how Figma animates the cursor of the person who is speaking, so that you can quickly see who is talking and what they’re referring to.

Additionally, I think being able to see people’s faces reaction as we scroll through a design, and having that panel of faces integrated in the canvas would be helpful.

Thats useful indeed! I am not in great need to the feature so far and think the alternative is fine for me, but I see that it has some unique advantages.

Now wait just a minute, I just realized. With Jam Pro, I may be able to implemented this into Penpot Desktop. :flushed: Wouldn’t that be wild?!


Gonna give this a go, I’ll reply back soon to show ya…

Update, I think it works. But not entirely sure if Electron is passing through Mic, I hope I don’t need to learn RPC. Yeah it’s working :smiley:
Get excited for v0.3.0 then, although that’s getting a lot of stuff done, gonna be a while.

This is a rough draft, I can inject CSS to optimized the UI for desktop use


How exciting!! I really appreciate you taking a stab at this.