Digital whiteboarding as opposed to UI/UX

Hey friends,
I was just curious how many of you use Penpot for digital whiteboarding?
Instead of proprietary solutions like miro, figjam, mural etc

I have a few projects coming up that will involve stakeholder mapping, card sorting and the like but would prefer to use Penpot.
Any unseen gotchas ?


Hi @andyfitz, i have used many times with the support of this template:



The largest challenge imho is that text needs to be nested separately, making it cumbersome to edit – there is no native combination like “sticky note”. (I don’t see this as a failing of Penpot, it is just a not UI-design usecase)

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Hi @andyfitz We’ve been using Penpot successfully as a replacement for metroretro (retrospective sessions) using @Carol’s suggestion. What @jdittrich says is true but this whiteboarding kit provides with built-in nesting for sticky notes and texts. I’d say that you try it out internally and see if it flows. It does for us but we do have “some” conflict of interest…

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@diacritica I’d just call that “some” incentive :slight_smile:

I definitely think Penpot is fit for purpose after checking out the kit.
Will build up some components and take it for a drive!

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hahahaha! Yes, “some” incentive a batter way to put it! We want to stick to Penpot as much as possible! Templates power come to me!

I may take the opportunity to cross-ref to this topic: Feature: Intuitive Sticky Notes Collaborative Whiteboarding

(thanks @Ryuno-Ki for the heads-up on this thread)

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I don’t think that penpot is intended to be a figjam replacement, that would be a different product.

Guess thats why figma created figjam: almost same tech under the hood but a different UI.