Media (video) components

Is there any plan to add the ability to add media assets? Adding videos (mp4s) with playback/looping controls for high-fidelity prototyping would be great. Or even a video embed component would be great.



It’s a very nice idea. Figma already has it and it’s pretty cool. But I think we could start with animated media by supporting animated GIFs instead, then moving into video.

Yep. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. GIFs should be as easy as uploading an image.

Shouldn’t be too hard to since penpot is already built from web standards and 2.0 will have full code export.

Would be great to be able to embed elements. Video, GIFs, Spline…etc.

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I’ve been using Figma to present work instead of keynote or powerpoint and if penpot allowed embedded video I would be able to use it instead of figma, keynote, or powerpoint :smiley:

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