FAQ - How can I enjoy the best Penpot browser experience?

Cross-browser support is a key aspect of Penpot so we give much thought and care to it.

Our current preference solely in terms of experience is:

  • Chrome (or Chromium/Blink based browsers/Edge)
  • Firefox
  • WebKit (Safari / Epiphany)

I always use it on Chrome

It works smoothly without any lags or shutdowns

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Text selection is broken in Safari, at least for me.

Hi @cramdesign , can you explain more what is the issue?

I’d been seeing serious lag on Firefox and Epiphany (Gnome Web) on Ubuntu -
dragging any shape caused no change in the display until the dragging ended.
Once I began using Chromium the program sped up to normal snappy speeds.


Hi @c4lliope , we are aware of this issue and we will release the fixes soon.

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