Penpot version to choose

Since version 2 I have fallen in love again with Penpot but have never used it as an ongoing tool to work on my projects, since this version I have seriously thought about using it.
When I use I feel it’s slower than Figma, I feel like I have some lag or something like that, if I use Penport self-hosted do I still have the same problem? Is there any way to have it on a local machine?
Is this anything about the browser I use?(Safari)

Another question, a few days I found to download Penpot for Mac but now I can’t find it, where do I can download it?

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Hello @ferreirex,

We have two official self-host solutions: Self-Host Penpot: Powerful Design Tool
We have many comments that self-host helps with some lag problems. Chrome is the faster and most efficient browser when working with Penpot. File size and layers amount affect the performance. Consider dividing your work in more files and more pages to get better performance.

Also, Penpot desktop is community contribution. To know more about it, check this out:

Introducing: Penpot Desktop.

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Thank you @carolina.portugal ,

Looks like the app is broken at the moment for Mac.

I will try using Chrome maybe it solve the problem I have, and I will try to install Docker com my Mac and try to run Penpot.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: