Better performance on WebKit based browsers, specifically Safari

I use Safari as my main browser on macOS and I also use Epiphany/GNOME Web as my primary browser on Linux.

But, I need to use Penpot on Firefox as the performance is much better on Firefox. On Safari, the document starts to lag and becomes unusable as soon as it becomes a little complex.

Can we expect performance improvements on Webkit based browsers?


We are already working on performance improvements for all browsers engines, but webkit engine as-is for operations that penpot does is a bit slower, and has more memory restrictions. We will try to do our best on it but we can’t guarantee the performance parity with blink/firefox. And it always depends if your browser has or not hardware acceleration (that in fact depends on the browser, operating system, etc…)


Thank you for the reply. It makes sense now. I think I’ll just have to use Penpot on Firefox, which is not a big deal at all.

Thanks for making this great app :+1:


Where can we learn about on going developments?