Disable Link to Google Fonts

I am running a self-hosted Penpot instance in a Docker container in a closed network. I am running into a bit a challenge because Penpot reaches out to Google Fonts, which I don’t have access to in the closed network. Is there and easy way to disable this so that I only see the local “custom” fonts that I upload, rather than all of the Google Fonts that I can’t access/use? Or at least is there any way to flag which one is reaching out to Google and which one is a custom font?
Thanks for any help/suggestions!

Thank you very much @mandyrahn

This one is probably will be implemented in the future, it exists in our backlog → Taiga

As a workaround this user is overwriting the google fonts url to serve them internally Add option to config the default fonts api · Issue #2127 · penpot/penpot · GitHub

Thank you for the reply! I will definitely see if I can implement this workaround.