Could Penpot also become an app framework? Company Fastr thinks so!

Alright, I have to admit this #MadeWithPenpot post comes with an unexpected “meta” pun :rofl: because it turns out someone created a new vertical tool using Penpot as a framework! The folks at Fastr recently contacted us to share their excitement about the upcoming release of their Fastr Frontend with new cool adaptive AI features.

Fastr use case is quite interesting. They needed to create a next-gen innovative e-commerce website builder and a year ago they decided they were better off building that on top of Penpot instead of developing everything from scratch! They’ve been in the business for quite some time (previous incarnation was Zmags) so this is some serious stuff.

Their UI has subtle and not so subtle changes. Many different content, deployment and AI integrations can be enjoyed.

What’s even more impressive is that they started doing all this before webhooks or the API even existed! It’s basically a very neat fork! They are making sure they are MPL 2.0 compliant but also that they don’t suffer from regression errors linked to upstream changes. For anyone to build something like from scratch it could have taken many years and a ton of investment. But not for the team at Fastr.

Of course we want to know much more and share all the details with you. But for now, this is something that made the Penpot team super proud! I was personally expecting something like this in 2024 so this means the concept of looking at Penpot as a framework is maturing very quickly!

@ryanbreen is an active member of the Penpot community and also Fastr’s very own CTO! Ryan, please feel free to add or amend anything about what I just shared!

To the rest, any initial reactions to this?


Thanks so much, @diacritica, and yeah the only thing I’ll amend is that the answer to the headline question is “OMG yes it can.” Not even a question :grin:

We started exploring Penpot almost exactly a year ago, trying to see how we could use it to rethink our content creation tools. Our customers use our Digital Experience Composition platform to go from business goal to live application, and we wanted to build on a platform that was modern, robust, and had a collaborative and active community.

In about a month we went from “wow, this seems like it could be really powerful” to “yeah, we’re doing this, let’s launch a beta in 3 months.” And we’re really excited that we went GA with our Experience Canvas yesterday.

We’re looking forward to years of partnership and opportunities to help advance the Penpot roadmap!