Penpot use cases at medium-to-big organisations, please contact us!


The journey so far has been super exciting and one thing I’d like to point out is how the perception of what Penpot can do for teams continues to evolve (see recent “Penpot as an app framework” post for a crazy example!).

We know this is just the beginning and major releases coming this year (Grid Layout, Components V2, New UI, performance improvements) are only going to make uses cases much more diversified and global.

That’s why we want to ask you to contact us if you think your organisation could benefit from a closer relationship with the Penpot team. Your particular use case could more easily be factored into the product backlog or benefit from early access to beta features (we conduct these regularly)! At the same time, we could get non obvious insights on how medium to big organisations are using Penpot (or planning to do).

This is an open invitation to everyone but organisations larger than 50 people where you have product teams of 5-15 people are particularly welcome to reach out to me or @carolina.portugal Your own ratio between designers and developers (or design and code activities) will always be fine, we actually want to learn how the industry is evolving.

Feel free to use DMs over here or write to mentioning this post! Thank you!


Happy to be crazy! :crazy_face: