Where do I start when working on existing Websites?

I am trying to establish the use of Penpot 2.0 in my company, we currently have no design tool for our Websites, we even still use tools like dreamweaver for some websites but as a developer, I want this to work with Penpot on our Django stack, however, Importing existing Websites is not really a thing in Penpot I assume from my first hours of trying, I can’t import a Website that we already have and would like to adjust.

So far I tried to import

  • html
  • PDF
  • SVG
  • Through Figma

none of those work.

I get the feeling, that this is so far not supported in any way…

What would you recommend me doing? screenshot as JPEG and paint on it?

To my knowledge this is indeed not something that can be done.
You can’t enter a website url and convert it into a penpot file. In other words, there’s no system that allows the recognition of the website elements to create a design that can be edited.

If you want to use Penpot to edit some existing websites, you’ll have to recreate their designs in some way.

Now it depends on how deep you want to go into it.

The other day, we had a meeting where we discussed how to modify the existing hero section of a website. It took me 2 minutes to recreate it, and that was enough to start showing ideas.

I also sometimes take a fullsize screenshot of a webpage and place it next to my canva so I can make some variations of parts of it.