Bringing Your Designs to Penpot

Migrating designs between tools can be challenging due to the abundance of closed and non-standard formats. However, there are options available for transferring your designs to Penpot:

Option 1: Figma Exporter Plugin

The Penpot team has developed a Figma exporter plugin with contributions from the community. While it’s not perfect and still under development, it offers a way to export Figma designs into Penpot. Read more about the progress and details of this plugin here:

Option 2: Exporting as SVG and Importing to Penpot

The easiest method to import designs from other platforms to Penpot is by exporting them as SVG files and then importing them into Penpot. While this process is relatively simple, it may require adjustments to ensure that your design looks and functions as expected.

When importing your design into Penpot, you may need to upload custom fonts used in your project. To upload custom fonts, go to the Custom Fonts section in the team settings and upload the font files from your computer. Once uploaded, the custom fonts will be available for use across all files within the team.