BUG: Manual overlay position adds extra offset

When placing overlays manually over board elements they don’t appear in the correct position.
The more offset there is to the origin of the document the larger an extra offset is applied to the overlay.
This makes it very hard to position overlays manually and make them appear at the right position in view mode.

Here are screenshots of progressively moving the button (circle) and its manually placed overlay (square) away from the origin. Circle and square touch each other on the left, but not on the right.

I think this is a bug. Please let me know a workaround if it isn’t :confused: .

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Hi @mray,

There are a couple of known bugs related to overlays that are yet to be fixed, one happens when the overlay has properties like blur or shadow and the other when is applied in a nested board. Could one of these be your case?

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Taiga issue #5135 exactly describes my problem, indeed. I do use nested boards.