Allow elements overlaying boards

Hey there guys, there’s a feature I’ve just noticed that could be pretty useful for Penpot.

While creating new boards, we could have the option to determine if we want elements to be part of that board or not when we drag them over it. Right now, any element that is dragged over a board become part of it (even when they’re locked), not allowing any overlaying elements unless you position them manually by coordinates or with the arrows.

Board (2)

This suggestion (in English: Allow overlaying elements) should be turned off by default so we don’t interfere with the current workflow of the users, allowing people with that specific need to activate that on boards that they desire.

This idea came to me when I was trying to create a template for an Ishikawa Diagram using Penpot, I was creating it to be modular with a component to overlay it and users could add the causes. When I tried to add a component to one of the ramifications, it always became part of the module, instead of overlaying it.