Board Label text size not adapting when Zooming In-Out

Labels don’t adapt their size when zooming in and out of the canvas.

Windows 11 v22H2, Build: 22621.2861
Edge Version 120.0.2210.91 (Official build) (64-bit)

Normal / Zoomed in:

Zoomed out:
Screenshot 2024-01-03 164629

hey there @knightknight! This is not a bug, is just how Penpot deals with the board labels by default. Would be awesome if the labels resized when we played with zoom, it’s kinda expected actually.

For now, you can deal with that by hiding board names on the menu on the top left.


It’s more of an irritation than anything; I’ve just tried it in Figma, and it does exactly the same thing when zoomed out! At least PenPot give you the option to hide which I couldn’t find in Figma.

thanks @RenanMayrinckDesign :+1: