Zoom like Figma or Sketch?

Hi there,

Absolutely loving Penpot so far. One question I had was around zoom sensitivity. Right now, it seems the zoom has somewhat of a slight delay when I stop, and kind of keeps going just a tad.

But when I zoom in/out in Sketch/Figma, the delay when I stop doesn’t seem to be that bad.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to configure the zoom options?

1.) Either how the zoom should function (e.g. fluidly zooming in/out, or via kind of a snap-to where it zooms in increments of 5% or whatever you set it to)
2.) Or how sensitivity the zoom is when you’re using it (e.g. how quickly the zoom stops when you’ve stopped your scrollwheel, etc.)

Thank you.

Hello @espionage, thanks for your feedback, I will add it at our Zoom Improvements user story:

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Hi there @espionage ,

As a new Penpot user, I too found this to be a bit cumbersome, however I think I accidentally stumbled on a workaround.

If you hold down Ctrl (control on Windows) and then press the middle mouse scroll wheel (but don’t scroll, just press it) and then move your mouse up/down, this gives me very granular control over zooming in/out.

Zoom using middle mouse

I don’t use MAC so can’t say if it will work there but this worked for me.

Hope this can help someone else too.

Happy designing everyone!
#Penpot is Awesome!

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