Micro-interactions in Penpot

What micro-interactions do you want to be included in Penpot future updates?

  • Right click to select a Board when it has content inside
  • Draw any shape/Board and scale it on creation from center with Shift+Alt (Actually you must draw it first and then scaling it from center with shift + alt key)

Reply and let your opinion here for Penpot team :slight_smile:

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To align more than one object, i usually shift+click those objects and use the align tool rather than drag select those objects. In case of Penpot, shift+click will stick those object to our mouse pointer. This is distracting.



One critical micro-interaction would be the ability to adjust the dimensions of an object with the keyboard shortcut of Command-ArrowLeft (to adjust the width by -1px), or Command-Shift-ArrowLeft (to adjust the width by -10px). (Also the same for ArrowUp, ArrowRight, ArrowDown, adjusting the object dimension accordingly).

I use this ALL the time in Figma for super fast editing/tweaking of object dimensions via key commands.


Thanks for fixing this issue.

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Adding another suggestion for microinteraction:

  • Option for inverting Measuring and Zoom. Actually Alt key is used for measuring and Ctrl key is used for zooming but it could be inverted with a toggle on settings if the user wants. This switch option could benefit those who actually work with Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop. I have suggested this addition to the Figma team in the past but they were focused on other tasks.

Attached below are my UI suggestions for panels. I think removing unwanted lines and separations will always cleanup the layout and reduce the noise.


Thank you so much for your suggestions @Fluidbrush :slight_smile:

We will keep this in mind fof the Penpot workspace UI rework.