As a UX/UI designer, what can I do to help?

I’m traumatized by the Figma/Adobe merger. I can’t do this again. I’m tired of the monopolies. I’m tired of being a corporate pawn. It’s hard to contribute to open source projects as a designer, but I will do everything in my power to help this project succeed.

Please reach out and let me know how I can help in any capacity. UX research, design, user feedback, product management. Anything. I will do anything. I work as a product designer building tools for AI development. I have experience in UI design, User experience, and design management.


Hey Team Penpot, here, me too. You guys are probably busy fixing server problems caused by the sudden influx of new users, which is to be expected; push through it, this might just be the time for PenPot to become something big and truly legendary. I’m just a designer meaning I won’t be able to make any direct contribution, but if you need people to participate in user research and A/B testing, if you are gathering use cases/personas, count me in. Design is my profession and I know just as much how important feedback is in my own work as it is to a tool made for designers. I have made detailed forum posts, written long email threads, and even started Notion pages for the purpose of keeping track of what I encountered using the tools I use and recording constructive feedback for the teams behind each of them. We all work towards the goal that design should be liberal, not ruled and controlled by some tyrant, and anyone and everyone should and could benefit from having access to design.


I joined their Github yesterday and I’m currently posting my thoughts about the Flex and Grid features (Autolayout in Figma) … I would like to do more so if anyone in the Penpot team needs a hand, please write me back


I noticed your github posts. We absolutely need " auto layout". I really love dick-joe’s suggestion for following W3C standards. His table comparing auto layout nomenclature with CSS is awesome. I see no reason for using arbitrary terms. This seems like Figma just trying to put diapers on their designers. Either way, people have to learn what those terms mean, we might as well be speaking the same language as our devs.


Fortunately I started to code and that has been a life changer decision … Hope Penpot adds layouts support as soon as possible. I’ll continue to use Figma, but I will stay contributing to Penpot, would love to see it become something like Blender, which is top tier right now and keeps free and opensource.


First of all thank you very much for offering your help and for giving Penpot a chance. These are very intense days for the team and it is very comforting to know that there are users willing to collaborate with the project.

UX/UI contributions

Honestly, we are assessing what is the best way to handle this. It’s a challenge. We want to facilitate as much as possible your contributions and rise to the challenge of the work of our community. Soon we will communicate more on the subject.

At the moment the best ways to support Penpot are bug hunting, translations and creating libraries & templates. So we will improve the tool while helping other users.

Participate in early Layout (autolayout) testing

We are working on the Penpot Layout feature and the progress is very promising. We would be willing to have a group of users who want to test the functionality and give feedback when the time comes.

If you are interested in participating please write to us at subject [LAYOUT TESTING] . We will contact you back when the user test group is ready :slight_smile:


Hello, Can you help to “Design to code” ?

I’ve just stumbled upon your post here and think the timing right now is pretty good :slight_smile:

Honestly, we are assessing what is the best way to handle this. It’s a challenge. We want to facilitate as much as possible your contributions and rise to the challenge of the work of our community.

We’re currently launching a platform that might be able to help with design contributions to open source projects and might be able to be starting point for your journey.

I’d be glad if we could have a more in deep chat or if you’d be open to try this format out – I’m pretty sure it might ease up a lot of problems you might be currently facing (talking as a designer on multiple OSS projects) :slight_smile:

feel free to give it a shot or get in touch with me:


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