Video Games UI designers needs

Hello! So, I’ve been a UX/UI videogame designer for a decade now. I’ve switch from Photoshop to illustrator to XD to figma.
Figma so far has been the best tool I’ve ever come across with in my carrier (speaking about UI design).

The thing is the tool is too focused on app and web design. Videogame industry has been completely ignored. Believe me we have tried to reach them with ideas and needs that were absolutely ignored.

I’m genuinely thinking about switching to penpot together with the whole team, but I’m afraid I will find the same exact issues I found with figma.

  • Lack of more robust texts manipulation features such as skewing, follow path, bending, effects. (I have to always go to Photoshop to work on this).
  • better color picker.
  • drawing vectors could have a couple more options (illustrator is great with this)
  • export settings are very basic. Not even able to export webp.
  • weak and complicated interaction and prototyping feature.

I know it it sounds like what I’m asking for is too niche, but I think software developers are missing out on being the first to provide a proper tool for videogame UI/UX designers. I’m talking about a billions of dollars market.

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