Shortcut for adjusting property values

Would it be possible to include a shortcut for adjusting an element’s width, height, opacity, or any other property with numerical value?

For example in Figma this is possible either by hovering on the icon next to the property’s value or by pressing alt and hovering over the value itself, and then dragging the mouse. I find this makes adjustments much faster and easier as I don’t need to type them in, and makes it easier to adjust things by eye, which is helpful for things like opacity etc.

Hi there @thisiSynthesis!

You can do this by scrolling up/down while hovering the field with the mouse. Works on every field that has a value.

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Oh wow, thank you, I didn’t realise!

I just tried it. It feels a decent bit slower than the other ways I described, and it’s less smooth having to bash the scroll wheel on my mouse to get it where I want it to be. I can see it getting uncomfortable doing this often. But I’m glad it’s there in some form!

Also on the web app it only works if you click the field first, not on hover.