Enable CTRL + MMB for Pan

I am often jumping between Inkscape and Penpot and it is frustrating because in Inkscape, CTRL and the middle mouse button pans whereas in Penpot this zooms the display.

Panning and zooming are often done hand-in-hand as one jumps from part of the page to another, zooming in and out. With Inkscape, you can just keep CTRL held down while you pan and zoom. With Penpot, CTRL and the scroll wheel are used to zoom, but then you have to remove CTRL to pan. This is highly unintuitive.

Note that you can also pan without the CTRL button in Inkscape just like in Penpot. The difference is that you can also use CTRL to pan in Inkscape whereas you cannot in Penpot.

I’d like to request that this behavior be changed or at least enable a preference setting for it.

Also, what’s with the 15-character requirement for post titles? I had to add unnecessary characters to my original title “Pan Controls” just to hit the minimum character requirement.

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Welcome to the community and thanks for posting constructive feedback!

Pretty sure this is to push people to give their posts meaningful titles (instead of “Help!” or the like), but as in your case, it can sometimes backfire – though “Improving pan controls” or “Make pan control like inkscape’s” would have worked even better (imho).

Ah, that makes sense. I’ve made the title more descriptive. :slightly_smiling_face: