Performance issues

Hi! I have been using Penpot for the last weeks as an alternative to Figma. I really want to like Penpot, and though i find i great aspect of the software great, I’m having a lot of perfomance issues. I have a few projects, one including a design system with multiple components. Another project have both components, multiple pages and multiple flow-starts. Some of the issues I’m facing:

  1. Perfomance issues. After working for some time, Penpot starts to get extremely laggy, and I need to close everything, take a break, re-start, and hope for the best. At points the lag has made working on projects almost impossible. Any ideas what causes this? Is there a limit for how many components and layers Penpot can take? oh an also going into view mode prompts “internal error” screen.

  2. I can’t have more people in Penpot at the same time. This includes both using two screens and other people in my team being in the same Penpot project as I am. When there are multiple people on, the lag increases, or i get the “internal error” screen.

  3. Not being able to import photos and screenshots as reference when designing without it causing too much lag.

  4. Components not being auto-updated. (a bit off my main issue, but still a bit annoying when i want to see the real time changes, and have to continually “click”


I have testified each of those issues… They are really annoying, especially the extreme lag when you have a file opened for a while. I don’t know if the devs are working in something to fix that.

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Hello @Johanne_Kaardal ,

What browser do you use?

Have both tried self-installing on Linux, as well as I’ve been trying out both chrome and Firefox

And all you are having all the issues the same way?

yes. After either 1. spending an hour+ on Penpot working on components and prototyping it happens, or 2. generating too large projects

Just adding more to this but in my case this happens anywhere… Tested with the Penpot Desktop app, Firefox and Edge.

Could you send one file that you are having issues? We would love to look into it to see what is causing it.

Some tips: consider switching to Chrome, it is the faster and most efficient browser when working with Penpot. Also, consider dividing your work in more files and more pages to get better performance.

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Hi @carolina.portugal, unfortunately, I cannot send the file as it’s a private project for one of my clients. However, it’s the largest project I’m currently working on using Penpot. Even after splitting some pages into new files, the main file (containing all screens, interactions, and assets) still slows down after about an hour of editing. The issue is resolved by reloading the tab, but it’s quite annoying to do this repeatedly.

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I’ll have to check before sending over the files. But it is a unanimous problem, i.e, it happens on all my files. I’ve tried splitting the work into as many pages as possible. But when working with prototyping there is a limit to how much splitting up I can do. Reloading the tab as @RenanMayrinckDesign mentioned doesn’t always to the trick for me unfortunately

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Tried a new file now with only one page and four boards. In total less than 100 layers. After making two buttons (max 10 minute work), I’m getting a lot of lag. I didn’t import any photos/screenshots. And only tried prototyping two states of the button together.

Just tried penpot for the first time on MBP (M2), in chrome and I am not able to properly navigatethe canvas with my trackpad. The canvas won’t move or I keep triggering the “navigate back” action. I was really excited about discovering penpot but there seems to be a lot to improve until it is ready for production work.