Slow performance when adding images

Is it only me?
While using Penpot on Chromium and adding image to layout (1000x1000px) the performance drops to the point where working further is impossible (unless I delete image). Is this a bug, or do I need to tweak something?

PC specs

SYS: Win 10 x64
RAM: 12 GB
CPU: Intel i5 4670K

Used browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chromium
  • Desktop app


  • The browsers work in perma-incognito mode. I don’t want to store cookies, browser history .etc. It slows down my pc.
  • I checked in browsers to use hardware acceleration
  • Extensions used in browsers (uBlock Origin, Imagus, h264ify, FireShot, DarkReader


Hey, I also experience lagging and memory issues on my side using Firefox and chromium for some complex layouts.
I thought it was only due to my laptop limited 8GB RAM but maybe there’s more to explain it?

I now know when exactly it’s happening.
When image gets imported.
For ex. let’s say there is only one artboard (completly blank) and nothing else. Upon importing image, that got placed outside of artboard while trying to move it it starts to lag and chop BUT when you try to move it again autside of artboard area (when it was firstly placed) it no longer lags, and can be smoothly moved and scaled).

HOWEVER, upon moving image inside artboard it starts to chop again. That is until you let go of your mouse and then try to move it again now WITHIN artboard area. And it works smoothly again. Same process hapens whaen you will try to move it back autside of an artboard…

See the pattern?

Another note. Moving from one artboard to another also same pattern, but after trying to move it again it is significantly slower than normally it would be. Not choppy but still.
ONLY after moving image outside and again inside it fixes the problem.

I hope the devs can see this. It’s important.

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Hi @Losio that makes a lot of sense, the team will take a look into it.

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