Text wrap and ellipsification controls

I am new to Penpot. I al liking the Flexbox functionality and while experimenting I couldn’t find any controls for setting text-wrap properties or ellipsify properties. Is it possible to access these controls? If so please share an example.

To my understanding, there are no text wrap features per se, but there is a work around which works.

  1. Draw a text box
  2. Fill it up with the text you wanted
  3. Default settings is fixed
  4. Select “Auto height” in the right side bar (Please see the screenshot)

Now, if you adjust the text box, it will get auto adjusted for the height

@hungrysquirrel I am not familiar with the ellipsify - if you could clarify, I can see if I can help with that.

On another note - @juan.delacruz / @Eva_Marco / @myfunnyandy - Please excuse me for tagging and dragging you into this. I don’t know if it is already in your radar but one suggestion worth considering is to adjust the textbox size based on double clicking the boundaries. I couldn’t recollect it - but I think a similar feature is available in illustrator, where if you double click the text boundries on the right side, it will do an adjust to the width and if you double click on the bottom, it adjusts to the height.

@pmabdullah87 nice suggestion and my guess is that is a quick feasible one (but I’m usually wrong, so…). It was not in our radar, I’ve just added it to Taiga so we can keep track of the idea.

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I’m afraid but there are not such capabilities at Penpot right now, but we do not rule out incorporating them in the future.

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I think it would be quite useful and falls in line with Penpot’s trueness to provide Flexbox layout controls that mimic actual CSS implementation. The more designers use tools that mimic HTML & CSS specs the better off the whole community is.