Summer nights🦉 (Penpot 1.15 Beta release)

We all agree that summer is for relaxing. However, we’ve managed to release an update before the school year begins including juicy improvements.

Nested boards

Unlike its predecessors (the artboards), boards can contain other boards allowing to clip content and show or hide them in the View Mode. These new boards are a powerful element at Penpot, opening up a ton of possibilities when creating and organizing your designs.


Prototype sharing options

Have you ever wanted to share a Penpot file and get feedback from people that are not in your Penpot team? Now you can thanks to new permissions that allow you to decide who can comment and/or inspect the code at a shared prototype link. With this one we aim to allow more people to give feedback over designs, also encouraging to open source their design process.


Repositioning comments

At last! This has been a highly recurrent request at Penpot. You can now drag comments to reposition them inside a file. Comments inside boards will be attached to them so that, if you move a board, its comments will stay in place within it.


View Mode improvements

The View Mode, used for presentations, is now easier to use thanks to new navigation buttons and micro-interactions. We’ve also made some adjustments to ensure better access to all options from smaller screens.

There are some more improvements and we’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs, as usual (special kudos here to our contributor @andrewzhurov). In case you’re curious you can take a look at our dev diaries.