Suggestion of layout improvement (detailed)

Hello everyone.

Sadly I could not do the project on Penpot since is missing alot of features. Check prototype here.

Penpot doesn’t need to be a Figma layout copycat, and at the moment I feel it is. My improvement is exacly on that point. After using Penpot for some tests, I fell that we - as a community - can make the UX/UI much better and features that Figma doesn’t even have. Let’s start to think outside of the box, instead of playing safe. Only that way we can grow and be a strong tool against Adobe.


  • Change the font to Source Sans, instead of Work Sans. Personally, one of the worst mainstream fonts from Google Fonts for readability.

Features that I suggest:

Thanks alot for reading. I would love to read your feedback and see different point of views about this.