Are you a Designer who want to contribute to open source communities?

Besides of the way to contribute for Penpot, you also can find many cools opportunities on the Open Source Design Page!

If you still don’t know them, they are a great community of designers and developers pushing more open design processes and improving the user experience and interface design of open source software.

One of their amazing initiative is the Job board! A place where you can find paid and unpaid opportunities to collaborate with many cool open source projects.

Also, if you are already part of a community which could have some help from a Designer, you can post a job there.

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It was a topic yesterday night ! Thanks :slight_smile:

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:heart: happy to cross post in our metaverse jobs board. Could definitely benefit from more open source designers in our open metaverse interop community too! (OMI) We are a lot of devs, researchers, and product people who work in the open. Thanks for sharing!

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