Severe performance degradation

I’m trying to use penpot to author a newsletter but it seems not to be viable

It’s not a particularly complex project, just a lot of text, but as the page count grows performance degrades quite a lot

Is this something that I can expect to improve? (i.e.: Is this an issue you intend to work on?)

Because from what I read you suggest splitting the work in multiple files, but I need a single pdf so I’m not sure how that’d work…

[EDIT] Btw, I have a decent PC, 32gb of ram and plenty of processing power from an i5-8400

The issue seems to be CPU-bound for there’s a CPU spike even when panning around:

Hey @udany ! I assume you’ve seen that other thread on performance already.

My suggestion would be to use Scribus instead, a FOSS desktop publisher.

As much as I love Penpot, and know it’s probably easier to use in some regards, it’s not exactly designed for this kind of thing. Setting text across multiple pages in a tool like this one is a nightmare, especially if you’re making edits that change the length (vs creating linked text frames and just pasting your entire text in Scribus).

Additionally, Scribus provides more export functions for PDF, alerts you about errors like overflowing text, and allows you to add hyperlinks (albeit, not in the most elegant way).

Hello @udany, here are some tips to improve your experience:

  • Chrome is the faster and most efficient browser when working with Penpot. If you are using another browser, consider switching to Chrome;
  • File size and layer amount affect the performance, consider dividing your work in more files and more pages for better performance.

The team will take a look into it, thanks for reporting it.

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I’m having trouble with performance both on Firefox, Chrome and Desktop app. Does anyone have any tips on it? Were there any performance improvements on 2.0 upgrade?

now I cannot see thumbnails for projects or pages =(

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Hello @godoicami this is an issue that we know that is happening, and we are working to fix it

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