Problem trying to make hover effect

In this case:

  • Create two instances of the menu entry: the hovered and the non-hovered state.
  • Put the non-hovered state on the board you use as your screen, put the hovered state off-board
  • Give the hovered state a name, like menu_home_hovered
  • Set on the non-hovered state in the interaction tab:
    • Trigger: mouse-enter; action: open overlay; destination: menu_home_hovered (or whatever name you choose); position manual
    • position the position indicator on top of the un-hovered instance (don’t position the hovered instance itself over the un-hovered instance)
  • On the hovered instance (placed off-board)
    • set as interaction: trigger: mouse leave; action: close overlay; Destination: self

And now, you should have one menu entry that has an hover effect. This is how it looks on my file:

(I did not line up the overlay position indicator and the unhovered instance perfectly to show how it works)