Plans for more animation triggers?

I’m curious if there are plans to add more animation triggers (on animation end, on checkbox toggle, on screen show, etc). With a few more animation triggers the designers I work with would be interested in replacing both XD and with Penpot, which I think would be a win for everyone!


Yes, we have plans to add more interaction options but still need definition to be included in our prioritization. Interactions and animations are capabilities that tend to be infinite so we need to be smart at a product definition level. Last big changes related to interactions were at the 1.9 release but we also added another related feature recently. We are still deciding what should be the next step and more triggers could be an option.

We are already gathering info from users at interviews and direct requests to understand the most urgent needs to be addressed and we will definitely keep an eye to this post and its replys.


This will definitely be a great addition to the software. The “on animation end” trigger makes a lot of sense and an important one. I am actually stuck at a design idea that I am finding difficult to prototype in Penpot because of the absence of this trigger. I am looking forward to working with Penpot as my main UI design application. I think this has a lot of potential!!

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