Penpot 1.14 Beta release: "Don’t stop me now”

To be fair, it should be named “Don’t stop US now” because we’re having such a good development pace (the last release was not so long ago). In this one we published some highly requested features like the shortcuts panel and the colors selection showcase. Let’s dive in:

Colors selection

All of the colors that are contained within a selection of objects are showcased in the sidebar. Play with the colors of a group without the hassles of individual selection!

Multiple colors

Shortcuts panel

Shortcuts boost your productivity but are not easy to find and learn. A handy panel in your workspace with categories and filters will help you find the shortcut you need.

Shortcuts panel

Fixed elements at scroll

A new option that allows you to fix the position of an object when scrolling on the presentation view. Ideal for prototyping fixed headers, navbars and floating buttons. We were truly missing this one when prototyping interactions.


Group library assets with drag & drop

We have improved the way to manage asset groups in libraries. Until now you could only do it by renaming the groups, now with drag & drop it is much more user friendly. We expect that all the ways to group assets combined will allow to organize libraries in a much more effective way.


What do you think about this one? I’d love to know your thoughts.