Penpot 1.13 Beta release: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

This has been one of the biggest Penpot releases ever. In this one we focused on productivity, graphic possibilities and teamwork. These are some of the most interesting features:

Multiple exports

Speed up your workflow exporting multiple elements simultaneously. Use the export window to manage your multiple exports and be informed about the download progress. Big exports will happen in the background so you can keep designing in the meantime :wink:


Multiple fills and strokes

Now you can add multiple color fills and strokes to a single element, including shapes and texts. This opens endless graphic possibilities such as combining gradients and blending modes in the same element to create sophisticated visual effects.


Members area redesign

Penpot is meant for teams, that’s why we decided to give some love to the members area. A refreshed interface and two new features! The Invitations section allows you to check the status of current team invites plus you now have the ability to invite multiple members at the same time. If you have doubts about team management at Penpot, you might want to take a look the Teams section of our user guide.


Focus mode

Enjoy a distraction-less design mode by selecting the elements of a page that matter to you and temporarily getting rid of the rest.
As a side effect, this can give you a performance boost in massive designs.

Searching and filtering layers

Reach specific layers with a simple search. You can also also filter the layers list per layer type (artboard, group, mask, component, text, image and shape).

Search layers

Set artboard as thumbnail

Select an specific artboard to be the file thumbnail that will be shown at the dashboard in the file card.

Set thumbnail

GitHub and Gitlab authentication methods

This was a specific request from some friendly users involved in Open Source projects. We hope that these methods will reduce the friction when participating in Penpot projects.

But this was not all. If still curious, you can find the full list of updates here.

Is there anything that has particularly interested you? I’d love to know!


This is huge! I am amazed at how many new things are being released every time. Good job, Penpot team!


On this video, you’ll see some of the main features, Andy mentions above, beautifully explained by @juan.delacruz. New Penpot Release 1.13! Focus mode, multiple fills and strokes, ... - YouTube