Pablo Stanley's Avataaars now in Penpot thanks to Candidexmedia

Have a look at this amazing template that Candidexmedia decided to transform into a Penpot file for y’all to use! By sharing your template with the community, you help others benefit from your designs, so go ahead and contribute :slight_smile:

The template is called Avataaars. It’s a project by Pablo Stanley and it is used to generate avatar illustrations by combining clothes, hair, emotions, accessories, and colors. It is free for personal and commercial use and it’s now available to download in Penpot. There is also a video that Candidexmedia recorded to help you understand how to use it and how to work with it.

Go ahead and play with it to create your avatar to use as your Penpot user image :slight_smile:

Thanks Candidexmedia!


Thanks for sharing, for some reason when downloading and importing the file many of the component vector assets seem ‘break’ and display improperly or not at all - in particular some of the outfits and hair. Please see attached (note: I tried importing on both Safari and Chrome macOS)
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 7.27.14 AM

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Hello @jydesign

Thanks for pointing out this problem, I’ve created an issue in our Taiga project. You can follow this up here.
I hope this will be fixed very soon.
Meanwhile, you can use this library by importing it as Shared Library, because its components still work. You have a small “how-to” in this link

I hope that helps¡¡

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Hello @jydesign
The Avataaar library has been fixed and is ready to use on the web.

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Greetings from the Penpot team!