Penpot is crashing when Assets tab is selected!

Once I had finished incorporating all the necessary components, graphics, colors, and fonts, I was prepared to begin the design process. However, upon clicking on the assets tab, the application crashed. This issue persisted every time I attempted to access the assets tab. I am uncertain how to resolve this problem. Although I had not published my library, it was a local library, and I am now concerned that I may have lost all my work and will need to restart from scratch. This is a frustrating situation, and any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the Penpot file: New File 1 (copy) - Droplr

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Hello @AlbertKinng

I checked your file and it seems to be a problem with the asset called “Rectangle”, how did you create it?, what penpot version are you using? (you can open the javascript console of your browser and it will be printed at the beginning.

I’m also attaching a corrected version of your library with the “Rectangle” asset fixed.

If you can generate “bad” assets again in a reproducible way it would be great so we can fix it as soon as possible.

New File 1 (copy) (1).penpot (4.4 MB)

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Great! I’m currently reading your message and I’m pleased to hear that you were able to complete the project by starting fresh, despite it being a bit of a nightmare. I’m also glad to know that you found a solution and identified the cause of the issue. It seems that you created a rectangle using Sketch and then converted it into curves to export it as an SVG for importing. Although you’re unsure of what the problem was, it’s worth noting your use of Affinity Designer for future reference.