Open Source Design community call had some penpot discussion!

Maybe the discussion from 2024-07-02T23:00:00Z would be useful to the team :slight_smile:


Brief summary (but please also have a look at the original post… or the opensourcedesign discourse in general!)

  • Creating a library is difficult
  • Autolayout is also difficult (but that might be not a Penpot-specific challenge)
  • Somehow having license metadata (e.g. for inserted images) would be cool
  • How hifi-should a prototype be? Common advice is “low-fi” in the beginning to get general feedback, but some people have problems to imagine the low-fi sketch as software at all, they only start talking if it gets mid-fi.
  • Sharing options in Penpot are currently limited: There is no “share as editable” or the like, which would be useful for getting advice on a specific prototype or when coaching people.
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