Penpot's Best Collaborative Design Practices

Hello to all Community Members,

Being a part of this dynamic and forward-thinking community excites me! I have been amazed by Penpot’s features and the freedom it provides for sharing and producing ideas. I have lately begun utilising it for my design projects. But as I go from doing design work alone to working on more group projects, I want to make sure that my team and I am making the most of Penpot.

While using Penpot’s designs few questions are coming in my mind regarding this like:

  • How do you keep track of various design file versions?

  • Are there any specific features or workflows that you find particularly useful for ensuring that everyone is on the same page during the minitab design process?

  • What tools or strategies do you use within Penpot to facilitate communication and gather feedback from team members?

I would be really excited in knowing about above queries and your experiences as well as any advice you may have on how to get the most out of Penpot’s collaborative design tool.

I appreciate your advice and observations in advance.