Livestream: Bottle Design Challenge

Ready for our bottle challenge? Join us next Wednesday, Aug 10th (10.30am EDT | 4.30pm CEST | 8pm IST), to have early access to our new fun little game!

At Penpot, we’ve all tried it and we loved it. This cool game is a sneak peek of our brand new onboarding process in Penpot that we’ll launch very soon.

As we’ve already mentioned on several occasions, one of our conditions to come out of the Beta version was based on improving our current onboarding experience. We’re driven to make Penpot’s interface easier to understand for our new users within the first days. The newly designed onboarding will have three differentiating parts that we’ll explain briefly on this live. But for now, we just want to have fun with our bottle design challenge!

@diacritica , CEO at Kaleidos and Penpot, will show you how to play the Bottle Design Challenge. Come play with us!

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Or join our live at youtube tomorrow!


I’ve tried to import the file, in the latest version 1.17 (in your instance). I’m able to see the first page, but I’m getting an internal error when switching to one of the other ones (Level 0 and Level 1). “Cannot read properties of null (replace)” on svg text.