Did you make something with Penpot that you are proud of?

Would you like to share how and what you #madewithpenpot?
How Penpot was a key part of your project?
Why did your company decide to start using Penpot?

Here is the place to tell your and your project’s story! You don’t have to share the file, but we are still interested to know all about it.


Hi, My name is Jimmy Angel and I made other design with penpot.
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LaikenSEO already looks really good! Love the copy.

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Hi, my name is Carlos and I’m working on a card for our monthly roleplaying games listing.

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Just finished the bottle tutorial :smiley: I might use a different font, but I found the tutorial really fun and a great way to start learning Penpot!

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Hey! You can share it here! https://community.penpot.app/t/design-bottle-challenge-aka-sneak-peek-into-penpots-future-onboarding-process/