Libraries & Templates module at the dashboard (sneak peek)

Hi all!

We are working on a module that will allow you to import a curated selection of the files that are available at the Libraries & Templates page directly from your projects dashboard. We are well aware that the current flow to use one of this files is painful (having to download them to the computer first is far from ideal) and we are willing to habilitate a better flow soon.

We are exploring the concept of a module placed at the bottom of the projects dashboard that is always available but can be collapsed just in case you’re not interested on using it. Here you can see how could it look.



I mentioned this in feedback before this community was launched. But clicking on entries shown in the template library should open something of a Summary page that provides additional textual and visual information that helps inform the designer whether the template is usable to them.

This similar to how static site generators have Theme galleries.


This would actually be very convenient, we know that we are not offering enough info to help to decide if import or not the file. This is something that has been commented internaly at the team but we still had not added it to our roadmap. I just did (Taiga user story) adding your post to it.

Also, the next natural step seems to be to be able to add them directly from the assets panel, this one still needs some consideration but it is something that we definetelly want to do.

Thanks for this, will certainly come in handy; something to add in a future release perhaps when there are more templates is search & filter, based on category, industry, use cases, colours, styling etc. although might not be applicable now.


@itsezc the current amount of available public files makes it difficult to justify further developments to organize and search them. On the other hand, the number of community contributions is increasing (great news) so yeah, we might need to add search and filtering options sooner than expected.