Never gonna give you up 🤗 (Penpot 1.16 beta release)

While we keep the deep work on Layout (aka Autolayout aka Smart Layout), the Components rework we still had time to release the 1.16 BETA. This release (probably the last of the BETA series before launching Penpot as General Availability) brings a revamped onboarding experience which can be enjoyed by new registered users and also a much requested “one-click import” Libraries & Templates in app module. Here’s the breakdown of some of the new features:

Improved onboarding

We’ve done a ton of improvements to the onboarding experience. More relevant info and better explanations, a refined new team and invitation flow, a beginners tutorial and a walk-through file that will help newcomers learn how to use and start designing with Penpot faster.

Libraries & Templates module

This new module will allow you to import a curated selection of the files available on Libraries & Templates page directly from your projects dashboard. Awesome community contributions at one click.


Dashboard UI refresh

It’s been some time since we designed the project’s dashboard and we felt that we could improve it in terms of accessibility, content hierarchy and aesthetics. We listened to the community before refreshing the interface, simplifying it to give prominence to the content. And yes, the dark theme is coming soon.

Zoom to shape double click

The devil is in the details. At the layers panel, by double clicking the layer icon, you’ll zoom to it, making the layers navigation and selection easier.


Special thanks to @andrewzhurov, @Waishnav and lol768 for their community contributions :heart:. You can take a look at them and the rest of the changes at our Dev Diaries.

What do you think of this release? we’d love to know your thoughts.